NETZ Bangladesh

Development support for Bangladesh:

Through the previous years we have been very happy to support the development aid organization NETZ Bangladesch, which works with great success in Bangladesh in the areas of promoting women and children, primary education, poverty reduction, environmental protection, and human rights.

  • Empowerment of ultra-poor families,
  • Right to education,
  • Stand up for human dignity etc.

So far we have taken social responsibility by supporting the Non-Governmental Organization with the following continuous events / activities:

The p4s – NETZ Christmas Calendar

Since Christmas is a precious sweet time for everyone, we create our inhouse calendar which does not only provide different sweet candy’s every day but also every calendar day of December includes an amount of donation sent to Bangladesh. So everyone in our staff selects one or more bags that is usually attached on our Christmas tree and includes the amount of money to be donated to NETZ to support one of its activities beside the chocolate Santa Claus.

Together and with the input and great ideas of our partner NETZ we will also in future continue to work out some possible events in order to excellent work NETZ is doing in Bangladesh to support the people building a future life for them and their children.

If you would like to support them, too, please visit our partner NETZ for more information:

prime4services New Years Card:

Since 2013, we have been donating money as a New Year’s gift to support the children in Bangladesh; To spread awareness, we write the children’s story with the support we provide in a post card and send it to our clients wishing them a happy new year.

Through this initiative, we have been supporting women and their families in Bangladesh to help them generate their own income and to be able to support themselves financially.


Donation run “Badische Meile”

We, at p4s, are a sportive team and have been regularly participating in “Badische Meile” – a almost quarter Maraton race carried out once a year in Karlsruhe. We regularly donate money for each running colleague per kilometer to support the NETZ programs in Bangladesh.

For example in 2017 we were happily able to help rebuilding the school in Nurunnabi Chowhury in North Bangladesh, that was destroyed by a tornado. We support those children because we believe that education is a human right and the key to a sustainable and self-determined existence.