We stay on top around latest digitalization trends.

Industry 4.0, Digitalization and Digital Factory” are some of the many buzzwords doing rounds in the industry these days. The basic principle behind Industry 4.0 is that by connecting machines, work pieces and systems, businesses are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously. The boundaries of individual factories will no longer exist in this scenario but will be replaced by interconnection of multiple factories or even geographical regions.

From both strategic and technological perspectives, the Industry 4.0 roadmap visualizes every further step on the route towards an entirely digital enterprise. In order to achieve success in the digital transformation process, it is necessary to prepare the technology roadmap in the most accurate way. In today’s business, Industry 4.0 is driven by digital transformation in vertical/horizontal value chains and product/service offerings of the companies. The required key technologies for Industry 4.0 transformation such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, cloud systems, cybersecurity, adaptive robotics cause radical changes in the business processes of pharmaceutical / life sciences organizations. [Peiman, A. S. (2017, Sep 16). Industry 4.0 The Digital Transformation. Retrieved from link]

Big Data Analytics is one of the crucial element of digital transformation, but understanding how to translate the outcomes into real benefits is really the key. Again, collection of data is of no use without proper ‘Data Mining’ followed by ‘Data Refining’. Data refining requires in-depth analysis and hence needs to be carried out by experienced individuals who have the requisite process knowledge, skills and expertise to do this. Such expertise is also crucial to define the related analysis algorithms.

p4s has been an innovation leader in the life science’s industries for many years and we strive to stay on top with our knowhow around latest digitalization trends. We can help customers through their entire journey of setting up a Digital Factory with our expertise in this space. Our services include:

  • Creating a value proposition for establishing a Digital factory
  • Defining the strategy and roadmap
  • Selecting the right approach that suits your risk appetite while ensuring business continuity:
    • Conservative: this approach would entail taking small evolutionary steps. With our knowledge on integration concepts & process change management, we can help you in redefining your system landscape and supporting processes while taking into consideration all the upcoming innovations
    • Aggressive: In contrast, this approach would entail taking revolutionary jump where one is looking at building upon dissolution of system borders and quick implementation of functional apps plugged into a centralized data hub – actively driving the technology suppliers’ innovation roadmaps.
  • Planning and prioritization of business areas and/or systems
  • Enabling business change
  • Deployment and benefits realization.

We will work alongside you at a pace that you are comfortable with and guide you throughout this journey. Our fundamental approach is to understand your changing business requirements and use technology as an enabler to achieve your goals. We can assist you with unlocking the true potential of your company and thereby help you get ready for challenges in the new world.

So, if you are thinking of embarking on the journey of Digital Transformation and setting up a digital factory of tomorrow then look no further. After all, an innovative concept requires integrity, agility and experience – and we are the right partner for that!

Technologies and techniques such as cloud computing & big data analytics will help early detection of defects and production failures thereby enabling their prevention and increasing productivity / quality.