The use and adoption of LIMS

A Software implementation generally refers to the process of integrating a purchased software product into the workflow of an organization. It consists of a large number of inter-related tasks which need to be carried out in an appropriate sequence. In order to attain success in your laboratory information system’s project, an effective Project Management optimized for such an integration project is essential.

At prime4services we believe that this definition of success leaves out a critical element – “the use and adoption of LIMS!”.  Without involving all the stakeholders and understanding properly how they perceive and use the laboratory information system, you may have a “successful” implementation but no one will actually use the system effectively.

We can not only help you with providing LIMS oriented Project Management, but also work with you to manage the business and technical change efficiently that the implementation of such a system will inevitably drive. In this way you will in true sense have a successful LIMS implementation -, one where we deliver the system on time, within budget and as per your actual requirements – with exceptional stakeholder satisfaction, system adoption and utilization rate.
We are completely vendor neutral, so you can be rest assured that your needs and project’s success are our only agenda.