There’s no Time like Present for Continuous Improvement

Driven by the high competition in the market, pharmaceutical manufacturers are distributing their focus not only on quality and compliance, but also on effectiveness and overall operations improvement.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a way to measure and improve the effectiveness of a manufacturing processes. With its main characteristics being simple and practical, detecting the most common and important sources of productivity loss, revealing the “Hidden Factories” and turning it into metrics, makes it an excellent basis for improvement in manufacturing.

There are multiple reasons why to measure OEE and all of them can be put under the same term: “Continuous Improvement”.

Let us support you in dealing with biggest challenges of effectiveness and performance measurement in any part of your manufacturing process by helping you:

  • Define methodology
  • Ensure OEE and related KPIs and accompanying collected data are precise, measurable and relevant
  • Use the right data at the right level of detail
  • Do not compare apples with pears
  • Make data reliable
  • Know what you are measuring
  • Know how you are measuring
  • Build positive environment and encourage behavior that will lead to continuous improvement

At the end let the results speak for themselves

  • Achieve greater competitiveness
  • Maximize Return on Investment (ROI) in the shortest time possible
  • Increase machinery performance
  • Increase process quality
  • Optimize production process
  • Uncover your “Hidden Factory”
  • Reduce machine repair cost and increase electrical efficiency.