System & deployment approach … fit-for-purpose.

SMARTTTM MES Implementation Packages – is a bundle of packages inside our SMARTTTM Solutions scope, dedicated for efficient preparation and execution of vendor selection, business analysis and deployment assessment.

The templates inside the packages are built based on regulations and best practice business cases, hence vendor-neutral. They are modular, scalable and can be combined with professional services to any extend, allowing tailored use for your explicit needs.

The vendor selection package delivers a methodology and streamlined approach, based on industry best practice templates, around the aspects …

  • business processes and requirements
  • vendor company assessment
  • Quality and eCompliance assessment
  • Comprehensive costing scenarios, for implementation (CapEx & Expenses) and over the life cycle (TCO)
  • “beauty contest” business scenarios for challenging the short-listed candidates

On the other hand, the business analysis and deployment assessment packages enable a structured evaluation of the optimized implementation scenario. Hereby, the following aspects are taken into consideration:

  • Readiness of given business processes and operations
  • Prioritized functional areas (“low hanging fruits” and “major pain points”)
  • Vertical integration depth, based on given architecture and business needs
  • Best-fit validation approach to above scenarios
  • Return-on-Investment analysis

Furthermore, different MES Training packages (Werum Pas-X, Rockwell Automation FTPS) support the introduction of various roles into your individually configured MES solution, delivering “driver license” as well as “driving practice”. The role-based structure as well as the modularity and scalability allow adapting the system training to individual needs.