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SMARTTTM OEE Implementation Packages – is a bundle of packages inside our SMARTTTM Solutions scope, dedicated for accelerating implementation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measures into your organization.

By providing comprehensive data at the right level of detail based from Shift to Year time dimensions, and from Material to your Production Unit, OEE enables you to benchmark your process, enhance Production Unit capacity and support other business areas of your company like Production Planning, Investment Management and Procurement Strategies.

Through our wide experience from business and technical perspective in OEE implementations and with a strong focus on methodology and data reliability tailored for life-science industry, we have packages to help you get to your goal trough successful and seamless project implementation from Unit to Enterprise.

  • Vendor evaluation & selection
  • Implementation & Verification
  • Business Introduction and Training
  • Operational Support

The templates inside the packages are built based on regulations and business cases, hence vendor-neutral, and come with a concept on how to leverage specific existing documentation into them. They are modular, scalable and can be combined with professional services to any extend, allowing tailored use for your explicit needs.

Furthermore, an OEE Seminar Program helps introducing different roles in your company into the specific areas of interest of the OEE world. The system-independence, the role-based structure as well as the modularity and scalability allow adapting the seminar program to individual needs.